1. We have approximately 50,000 thoughts per day and nearly 95% are unconscious.
  2. How would your performance in life and at work change if you were able to recognize the patterns of your thinking in real-time?
  3. Imagine unlocking and sustaining 10-30% more of your own or team's performance in eight weeks or less.
You are about to take an assessment using the Hartman Value Profile©. This is an objective and scientifically-validated assessment instrument. This assessment measures your “VQ” — Value-judgment Intelligence Quotient.

*There is no cost to take the assessment. It is simple and will take about 5-10 minutes. Please make sure that you will not be distracted while you complete the 2-step assessment exercise.

Chaos (uncertainty or an unexpected event) often occurs in our lives when we least expect it. How we think (unconsciously) and choose to think (consciously) determines the speed in finding clarity and the advantage in chaos. More importantly, it helps one engage in their best thinking in all and any circumstances that matter.

Your VQ is a measure of your current capacity to make good value judgments from 36 unique perspectives. This matters because the quality of your personal and professional life is determined by the quality of the value judgments you make.

Upon completion, I will be notified and then in touch with you to set up a time to discuss. I will send a sample of your VQ Assessment prior to our call.

Remember to read the instructions carefully and to rank the items of what has the most value to you, not what you believe is most important.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Enjoy your experience

Spencer Marona

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