Introducing the VQ Profile®: Your Mindset Playbook for Peak Performance!

Welcome to the journey of unlocking your highest potential – your Valuegenic Self-Leadership voyage with Jordan White Coaching! This isn't your everyday assessment; it's a game-changer, just like you. Ever wondered how to elevate your performance to legendary levels? Get ready to discover the answer.

The VQ Profile® (VQ = Value-cognition Intelligence Quotient) is your personal scientific roadmap to mastery. It's like a playbook, but for your mind. Think of it as your mindset playbook, packed with your unique results for excelling in ALL areas of your life.

What makes it extraordinary? It dives deep into your thought processes and patterns, scientifically measuring how you think from 36 unique thinking perspectives. It's like analyzing every angle of your game to reach your peak performance.

Your VQ Profile® unveils the secrets to engaging your Cognitive Assets. These are your A-game thinking perspectives, scientifically proven to elevate your wisdom, creativity, connection, performance and value-generative thinking.

Imagine having the keys to consistently perform at your best.

But that's not all. The results also shine a light on your Cognitive Biases and Liabilities – your B-game thinking. These are the hidden forces that are deeply engrained in thinking patterns that can hold you back, even when you're at the top of your game and have the best intentions.

It's time to identify and conquer them.

So, what happens after you've completed your VQ Profile®? We're here for you every step of the way. Book a debrief appointment on the exit page to experience the power of your most valuable thinking and become aware of your most costly thinking habits. We'll guide you towards the path of least resistance to success in your life, love, and leadership.

Now, let's get started. Find a quiet place, set aside 15-20 minutes, and enter your information on the right and click continue. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers on the assessment. Just like on the field or court - trust your instincts, and let's uncover your unique mindset playbook.

Reach out if you need anything along this journey. Together, we'll elevate your Self-Leadership game to new heights, powered by your A-game thinking. Get ready to shine brighter than ever with the VQ Profile®.

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