--You are about to take an assessment using the Hartman Value Profile©--
a scientifically-validated assessment instrument. This assessment measures what we call your “VQ” — Value-judgment intelligence Quotient

This process should only take about 15-20 minutes. Please make sure that you will not be disturbed or distracted while you complete the 2-step assessment exercise.

This is NOT a personality or behavioral assessment. Your VQ is a measure of your current capacity to make good value judgments from 36 unique perspectives. It matters because the quality of both your personal and professional life is determined by the quality of the value judgments you make. 

Once you have completed the assessment and we have set up an appointment for an initial conversation,  I will send you your First Steps Report. This short report shows you enough of your results for me to teach you a way to make better use of one of your most important Cognitive Assets. What I teach you could make a big difference in your life, and is just a small introduction to our Self-Leadership 1-2-3  coaching program. 

When you are ready, enter your information and then click “Continue.”

Enjoy your experience. Please contact me with any questions.
Moellering Management
+1 888-906-4111

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