Welcome WBECS Participant

Thank you for your interest in Neuro-Axiology, the VQ Profile, and what it makes possible. Although the live WBECS webinars are past, you can still take the assessment. Then you can either refer to it is as you watch the webinar recordings AND/OR you can schedule a private session with me. 

How it works... If this is your first time taking the HVP or VQ Profile® assessment, you'll discover that this assessment is quite unlike any other. You may even wonder how in the world we can determine anything from it. 

Your VQ Profile is a measurement of how you think. It is NOT a personality or behavioral assessment. It reveals your Cognitive Assets, Biases and Liabilities.

A VQ Profile report provides the keys to learning how to maximize your Cognitive Assets (best ways of thinking) and minimize your Cognitive Biases and Liabilities (less-than-best ways of thinking). In short, learning the life-altering skills of Valuegenic Self-Leadership.

After taking the assessment, you will be receiving an email with your Introduction to Self-Leadership 1-2-3 report which you will need for the second webinar recording and/or our private session (which you can schedule after you take the assessment. 

Getting Started... Please ensure that you will not be disturbed or distracted for the next 15 minutes while you complete the 2-part assessment exercise. When you are ready, enter your information and then click “Continue.”

Please call 484-840-1095 or email peterd@axiogenics.com with any questions or concerns.

~ Peter Demarest

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